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Review of: LELO Liv 2

LELO Liv 2 is the new and improved version of LELO’s iconic mid-sized vibrator. LELO Liv 2 is LELO's bestselling vibe includes 100% more powerful vibrations, fully-waterproof versatility and even softer body-safe silicone.

Rating: Top rated item!

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Reviewed by Lulubelle

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - The look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform?
Packaging was impressive and suggested quality - a nice box and the contents were not disappointing.We thought ''Oh - another vibrator'' it is on the small size but we liked the look and the shape. Another look in the box revealed that it was re-chargable, that impressed us. We stuck it on charge and waited for the evening.

What was the item like in action?
First impressions - it's a small vibrator. Don't be fooled - this is a well designed bit of kit. The circular control switch is good. Select your vibration pattern on the up/down side of the circle and speed on the left/right . As we have said above its not big, but it's a lovely little mover and the shape is good for getting to the important places.

Did the item make you feel sexy?
This is a good foreplay toy and is a nice size for a little bit of anal stimulation if you fancy. I prefer it to be driven by my partner during foreplay rather than using it myself for masturbation. It does what it should and gets the party started nicely.

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties?
My partner likes to insert it into me anally whilst we do it doggy style - he loves the internal vibes - its smallish size means this can be done quite easily with out a lot of prep or discomfort - which can be a bit of a passion killer.

Any other comments?
This little gem will remain a favourite for some time. One of a select few of our toys to which the term 'size doesn't matter' applies.

How could this item be improved?
Hard to find a fault with this item but we did find that the round control swiitch is exactly where the users thumb is - consequently sometimes the speed or pattern changes when you don't want it to. A minor problem on a well designed bedroom toy.

Would you recommend this item to a friend?
Yes - Definitely

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item?
A bit of lube is always a good idea when using any toy anally. And do remember those hygene issues.

What rating would you give this item out of 5?