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4593 reviews by STT members

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Since we started STT things have really taken off with loads more new products on the market and great new suppliers providing our members with toys to test. In the last two year alone we have supplied over 1100 products to our testers for them to try out for free. From Sex toys to adult novelties and clothing there's loads of products waiting to be reviewed by you.

Sorry, but we are currently unable to accept new members to STT.

Existing members remain so and will continue to be sent products.

Why Become a Sex Toy Tester?

Before you sign up to become a Sex Toy Tester, there will be questions that you are asking yourself - Will I enjoy being a sex toy tester, is testing sex toys the right hobby for me, what will I get out of sex toy testing?

Is Sex Toy testing for me?

Testing Sex Toys is an unusual hobby and probably isn't for the faint hearted, because you will need to write about the products you have tested and what you thought of their performance. The ideal Sex Toy Tester has the following credentials...

  • Enjoys sex and is fun loving.
  • Is sexually adventurous and is looking to fulfil their sex live to the full.
  • Isn't shy about speaking their mind
  • Is articulate and can explain their thoughts clearly.

Does this sound like you?

What Membership Subscriptions are Available?

The Sex Toy Testers membership is available as either a 6 month subscription or a 12 month subscription. We find that some Testers like to dip their toe in the water before they plunge into a year long membership, just to see if their like it. Usually after 6 months of testing the latest and greatest sex toys on the market, they find that they are having such a great time that at the end of the 6 months they sign up for a year.

Other testers are confident from the start that they will enjoy testing sex toys and sign up for 12 months there and then.

What do I get out of Testing Sex Toys

When people become Sex Toy Testers get more than just free sex toys to test out of the programme. Of course they do get free sex toys, and free lubricants, and bondage gear and erotic fiction, but Testers also find that they also discover

  • New sexual pleasures that they didn't know they enjoyed before.
  • They find their love making improves.
  • Couples find they spend more time together and their love making increases.

And it's hardly surprising, having sex toys posted through your door is very exciting because you don't know what is being sent, only that something sexy designed to give you pleasure is in the postal system on its way to you.

When Would I Receive My First Product for Testing?

As a new sex toy Tester you are given top priority and you should receive your first email saying that a product is on its way to you for testing around a week after joining. The more products you are happy to test the quicker the first sex toy is despatched.

All products are sent discreetly in plain packaging without any reference to the website. So rest assure; your secret is safe with us!

New products awaiting testers!

Siri 2
Bon Aparte
Nuru Gleitmittel
Wolfman Dildo With Suction Cup Base
Trojan Double Dong
Cobra Libre V2
Nuru Massage Gel
Seahorse Vibrator
Vibrator Super Lover

Membership Details

If you would like to read more about STT membership then check out our STT Membership FAQ

You can also find our Terms and conditions here. We also have a page designed to help you writing your own reviews - Guide to writing Reviews

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Get sex toys sent direct to your door for free - your just a few steps away from becoming a Sex Toy Tester! There is a small charge of just £59.99 to sign up as a sex toy tester with us for 12 months or £39.99 for 6 months. This charge helps us to cover our costs of sending the products to you and managing the scheme.