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Sex Toy Reviews

Sex Toy Testers is an online information resource of sex toy reviews, but the sex toy reviews aren't written by us - they are written by members of the public who join the website. It's because the reviews are written by independent sex toy testers that we can truly claim that our reviews are completely honest and impartial.

Sex Toy Testers is also impartial because we are not a sex shop and we don't sell sex toys ourselves. We just bring you truthful reviews about what adult products are like so that when you come to buy a sex toy, you buy the best sex toy on the market for your budget.

Sex Toy Testers doesn't just review sex toys, we also review erotic fiction, lubricants, magazines and we have in the past reviewed sex swings, sexy photo shoots and a pony sex machine - we really will ask our testers to review anything adult.

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Siri 2
Bon Aparte
Nuru Gleitmittel

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Accessing The Sex Toy Reviews

Our Sex Toy Reviews are all published in the review section of the website. You can search the review database with the reviews search box at the top of the page. Our latest sex toy reviews are shown in the carousel, showing the product, its name, a link to the product review and the average rating the testers collectively awarded the product out of 5, simply click the image to read the review. We also show a video of the latest products in to be reviewed, these are products that the Testers are reviewing as we speak!

Sex Toy Testers have been providing independent sex toy reviews since 2003, and we have thousands of reviews providing a valuable database of information of which sex toys really got our Testers going, and which they thought were a flop. If you could write honest reviews, check out our membership page and ask yourself if you would like to become a Sex Toy Tester and review products that we send to you.

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Sex Toy Manufacturers, Distributors and retailers, want us to promote and market your products with a sex toy review? Request information about sponsoring a product review or read our Review Sponsorship page to find out how it all works.